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The importance of dental restoration

Dental restoration is the branch of dentistry that focuses on replacing missing or damaged teeth.
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Awaken your smile, prevent oral health issues, and regain your confidence!

The goal is to enhance the patient's smile and prevent potential oral health issues that may arise in the absence of intervention. Dental restorations are of utmost importance as filling the empty space prevents the migration of neighboring teeth. Moreover, replacing one or more teeth contributes to maintaining good hygiene, which helps eliminate plaque and prevent the risk of infection. Psychologically, dental restoration improves overall mood and self-confidence.

Of course, the dental professional can offer various types of treatments to replace missing teeth, ranging from crowns to implants or bridges. A crown is ideal for a broken or severely decayed tooth. Resembling a small cap, it covers the damaged tooth, strengthening it and improving aesthetics. As for implants, they consist of two distinct parts: the screw-like post (abutment) and the artificial tooth. With a completely natural appearance, implants provide the same functional sensation. As for bridges, they are custom-made to replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge is attached to the adjacent teeth and, once installed, closely resembles a natural tooth in every way.

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