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Treatment for gum disease

Smile worry-free with our gum disease treatment!

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Treatment for gum disease

Gum disease treatment is necessary when you have gum disease, whether it is mild, moderate, or severe. As gum disease is an irreversible condition that needs to be stabilized, it is ideal to act as quickly as possible.

During a gum disease treatment appointment, also known as scaling and root planing, our team will administer local anesthesia in your mouth. Subsequently, a deep cleaning below the gumline will be performed. The goal is to remove accumulated bacteria, disinfect the gums, and apply medication to stabilize the situation.

Gum disease treatment is carried out in two sessions, one for the lower teeth and one for the upper teeth. Following gum disease treatment, a periodontal examination is conducted a few weeks later to assess the response of your gums and the stabilization of the condition. Regular cleanings every 3 months are then necessary to maintain optimal dental health. Diligent follow-up is required as gum disease can recur, and its progression can be rapid.