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3D orthodontics

Choose digital technology to achieve your dream smile.

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3D orthodontics

Whether it's the installation of metal braces or ceramic brackets, computerized 3D orthodontics now allows for a more beautiful and faster personalized treatment. It enables the visualization of the final result through digital imaging technology.

There is now an orthodontic treatment that utilizes custom digital technology to make teeth realignment even more accessible for achieving a dream smile.

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First and foremost, your dentist uses a state-of-the-art digital camera to scan the inside of your mouth. The images are instantly digitized and transferred to the laboratory to create customized 3D brackets. Each bracket is designed to perfectly fit each tooth.

Among the undeniable advantages of this new process are shortened treatment duration, reduced frequency of follow-up visits to your dental professional, increased comfort, and, of course, surprising results that meet your expectations.

To make the orthodontic treatment more discreet, you can choose white brackets, which are less noticeable than traditional gray brackets.

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