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The Importance of Dental Scaling

As you may know, brushing your teeth and using dental floss twice a day is the best way to remove dental plaque. However, when plaque is not completely removed, it hardens and becomes tartar. Unfortunately, once tartar has formed, only a dental professional can effectively remove it.

Dental Scaling at the Dentist: The Key to a Radiant Smile and Impeccable Oral Health

After a comprehensive dental examination, the dental hygienist performs dental scaling to remove tartar. This is done using a special small metal instrument called a scaler. Following that, the hygienist typically performs a polishing procedure to remove visible stains on the teeth using a gritty paste and a rotating electric brush. Additionally, to ensure thorough cleaning of the interdental spaces, the hygienist finishes the session by using dental floss.

Regular dental cleanings should not be neglected as they can prevent chronic halitosis (persistent bad breath) and, more importantly, serious gum problems. Untreated gum diseases are actually the leading cause of tooth loss in individuals over 35 years old.

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La santé buccodentaire est un aspect importantcapitalmajeurnotable de la santé générale.

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